Types of Lawyers Gold Coast

You’ve probably realised that there are different types of lawyers when trying to find one for your specific legal issue. The complex and large legal field has also burgeoned into different specialisations. This means that there will likely be a specific lawyer that can handle your specific legal problems.

Knowing more about the various types of lawyers in Gold Coast provides you the solution to the legal issue you are currently facing.

Types of Lawyers

Specialisation in the legal field means getting a specific lawyer for your particular legal problem. Let’s focus on the most common type of legal problems to give you an idea about the kind of lawyer needed for them.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer is the one to consult when you face financial difficulties or thinking of filing for bankruptcy. This particular kind of attorney will be able to advise you on the types of bankruptcy, eligibility for bankruptcy, and the right one that will work for your case. The lawyer will also help you explore other options and alternatives to bankruptcy.

Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with a crime needs help from a criminal lawyer. An attorney specialising in criminal law will be knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law. This includes being able to offer advice on bail, pleas, arrest, arraignment, and other areas related to a criminal trial.

General Practice Lawyer

A wide range of legal issues is handled by a general practice lawyer. They are comfortable in different kinds of legal problems. However, it’s always best to discuss the legal problem you’re having when you consult with this type of lawyer. This is to find out the level of experience the lawyer has concerning your legal issue.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Trusts and wills are the legal issues handled by estate planning lawyers. Setting up a trust to take care of the financial needs of your children needs the services of this attorney. Drawing up a will for your assets is also part of the specialised work of this kind of attorney.

Corporate Lawyer

You will find a lot of occasions to consult with a corporate lawyer if you happen to own a corporation. If you’re planning to set up a corporation, this attorney will be able to set up its formation including all legal compliances.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Inaccurate treatment, misdiagnosis or any medical consequences that have happened to you need an attorney specialising in medical malpractice.

Workers Compensation Lawyer

A workplace accident or occupational disease involving you or a loved one needs the expertise of a workers’ compensation lawyer. The various issues involved including entitled benefits and the extent of employer’s fault will be skilfully navigated by this particular type of lawyer.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Are you facing a lawsuit or are you planning to sue someone? Your best option is to consult with a civil litigation lawyer. However, the litigation field is quite broad. For instance, commercial litigation problems need help from a corporate litigation lawyer.

Family Lawyer

Child custody, prenuptial agreement, spousal support, and divorce proceedings need the legal assistance of a family lawyer. A family lawyer is the kind of lawyer that will be able to guide through all the legal process concerning family issues.

Hire the right type of lawyers on the Gold Coast for the specific case that you have to ensure proper and expert representation.

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