How do you prepare for mediation on the Gold Coast?

A good number of people on the Gold Coast choose to settle their disputes using mediation because they want to do all they can to avoid litigation. However, not all disputes can be solved by mediation since this method of dispute resolution mainly deals with nonviolence and noncriminal disputes. In case your dispute does not fall in the above categories then your dispute can be solved by mediation. However, finding a solution during mediation is not an easy task since settling the dispute does not happen miraculously.

For you to achieve a settlement for your dispute, you have to make sure that you are well prepared for the big day during your mediation. This is something that most people never do and therefore they never find a resolution to their disputes and must proceed with litigation which is not as easy as mediation. It is therefore important for you to learn how you should prepare for mediation to ensure that you find a resolution to the problem you’re experiencing with the other party.

Tips for preparing for mediation in the Gold Coast

The following are some of the tips that will help you increase your chances of finding a resolution to your disputes during your meditation process. Make use of these tips and you’ll have an easier time resolving your disputes without affecting the relationship between you and the other involved parties.

  • Identify your main interest in the dispute

This is one of the main important things that you have to do before your mediation begins. Most people think that identifying their main interest is only revolving around prioritising their claims but it goes beyond this. You have to make sure that you find out whether you have any other interest in your mediation. For instance, you may want to preserve your business relationship with the other party or avoid adverse publicity. Identifying your main interest in the dispute helps you find a strategy that makes settling the dispute easier.

  •  Be willing to be the one making the first offer

When you make the first offer you increase your chances of being happier or content with the settlement that is finally made during the negotiations. The first person to make the first offer makes an anchor. Therefore the offer will define the range the negotiations will be following. This is why you need to be willing to take the first offer during the mediation.

  • Be ready to talk with the other party face-to-face

In most cases when people are experiencing any issues or disputes affecting their relationship, they have an uncomfortable time communicating face-to-face. During mediation, you need to be ready to speak face-to-face to your counterparty. You need to prepare in advance how you will handle the situation and what you’ll say during the mediation session.

  • Think of how you present your position

You need to prepare yourself for how you will be presenting your position during mediation. You have to make sure that your counterpart understands the reasons why you are making certain demands. This is because without a clear understanding they may not accept your demand. This is why you are required to prepare how you will be presenting your position understandably.

Final thoughts

Preparing yourself before you go for mediation on the Gold Coast is important. It helps you become confident when communicating with their counterparty as well as have clear objectives as to why you are resolving your disputes. Also, your preparations will help you know what to do during the mediation thereby increasing the chances of finding a resolution to your problem. You may also ask for professional assistance from Stradbroke Dispute Resolution Centre.

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