Child Custody Tips to Win Your Case

Divorces and couple separations are common these days. We now lead such busy and competitive lifestyles that our everyday increasing demands have made us busy and somewhat selfish as well. Out of all the reasons which might lead a couple to change their paths, not being able to give time to each other is also one.

It is also quite common especially in the West to have a baby without even getting married to each other. When separations occur, ownership of the child can be a big issue. This requires legal process and you must also involve a law firm townsville that will handle your case. Here are a few tried and trusted tips to help you win your case.

Proving yourself as the rightful owner

This is a pretty obvious one. If you want the ownership of your child, then you must prove in the court that you are better for him in terms of his/her future. There are a few factors which strengthen your statement of being the better parent. First, prove that you know your child well and better than the other half. Mention how to know and care for the child’s routine. Show that you know him well and that he will and does have a better understanding with you. You should also show that you are financially able to support his expenses and the child’s custody will not be a burden for you.

Let the kid decide

This is risky. However, if you ask your son or daughter to take the decisive matters in his hand and decide who he wants to live with then this can prove to be a positive point for you. This will show that you are open with the child and want his happiness before your desire. This will send a message that you will give the child freedom in his future life as well.

Clear your requests politely

Just because you are going through a court case, that does not mean that you cannot demand in front of the higher authorities. Make yourself clear and tell your future intentions for the kid. During the court activity, make sure you talk politely and with good manners so that a message can be sent that your presence will not be a bad company for the child. Furthermore, ask calmly that you really want your child’s possession and you can also request your other half to allow you to keep the child.

You can also challenge


Do not get this point wrong. You have to follow the above mentioned point at all costs which is to talk politely. However, you can make a bold claim that if not satisfied, then the child can go back to the other parent after a specific time. This will show that you are well aware that you are the right person for the child’s possession.

These points, if followed, will surely make your case really stronger and will increase your chances of winning the case. Just play your cards right and let the court decide next.

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